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Take Learning Outdoors

With the end of the summer period approaching, now is the best time to squeeze in a few educational and fun activities. Below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Long Beach with some ideas to get you started!

A Reading Picnic

If your student loves going to the park...

Is the Summer Learning Slide Affecting Your Child?

It is easy to think that the summer learning slide is a fun attraction at your local park where you learn new lessons as you slide down! Unfortunately, the reality is very different. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has prepared a post below...

Some of the Benefits of Group Study Sessions

We’ve all seen The Breakfast Club. It’s a timeless movie! However, despite what many parents think, it isn’t a realistic depiction of what happens when students hang out in the library together. In the real world, students studying in a group can be...

Utilizing Tutoring to Overcome Learning Challenges

Have you noticed that your student’s friends are all attending one-to-one tutoring classes after school instead of just hanging out at your house? The reason isn’t because your youngster isn’t popular with their friends, it’s simply that, as...

Build a Better Study Space for Your Youngster

Each time that your youngster completes their homework or studies for an upcoming exam, how effective their study period is depends on many factors, including the environment in which they are studying. Instead of your youngster reading their notes...

Help Improve Your Student's Study Sessions

When it comes to the quality of a study session, it largely depends on the quality of the study material. After all, if were to study from a poorly written textbook or information which didn’t make sense, studying wouldn’t be successful. The Tutoring...

Helping a Verbal Learner With Their Homework

Just because your student learns when they sit in front of their teacher while watching and listening to each lesson being presented, it doesn’t mean that they are learning at their most effective. What if your student learns best by giving the lesson...
Your child's penmanship, artistic abilities, and fine-motor skills may depend on one thing: the way they hold their pencil. That's why it's imperative that you teach them the correct pencil grip early on. For tips on the matter, read the post below.

How to Teach a Child to Hold a Pencil...


Keep Your Children Warm, Entertained, and Learning

The summertime and the weather during and around it are often the times when parents see their children the least, often struggling to keep them indoors long enough to feed them! Of course, when the warm and inviting weather starts to disappear,...
Having time off school can be considered a gift. But, if you want to spend your gift wisely, you need to plan for it. To help you have a fun and productive winter break, this post has some tips you can follow.

How to Have a Productive and Fun Winter Break

  1. First of all, take care of your...


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