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Tips to Help Your Student Sit an Exam

When it comes to exams, the majority of students don’t enjoy taking them. Why? It's not because they aren’t fond of the subject, but often simply because the idea of an exam is too overwhelming for them. If this sounds like a student in your home, The...

Synonym Bingo

With tablets and TV screens drawing so much of your youngster’s attention, it can be quite a challenge to keep your child’s attention engaged in learning. However, with every challenge comes a solution, and The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has one for you! It’s called Synonym...

How a Tablet Can Identify Learning Challenges

It is important for every parent to be as involved in their child’s study path as much as possible. The challenge is often identifying a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Of course, for a youngster, the earlier you can identify any learning...

Make Back-To-School Shopping a Stress Free Activity

Summer is the perfect time for families to get together and enjoy the weather or even for friends to spend their time enjoying the days away talking about the latest social craze. However, like all good things, it must come to an end. Well, for...

Flashcards: A Traditional Favorite

Providing a child with homework help is a great way for parents to become involved in their student's learning. The challenge can often be understanding the lessons being taught in modern classes. If this is preventing you from getting involved in your young...

Learn More About the Effects Summer Vacation Can Have on Your Student's Progress

If you are looking at your student’s grades and seeing high marks which accurately reflect the level of work they put in throughout the school year, summer vacation can seem like the perfect time to reward them with...

Give Your Child the Time Management Skills They Need

One of the least appealing aspects of adolescence is how often students tend to forget things, but, of course, never their cell phone charger. No, instead, it’s often important assignment due dates. You can often tell this has occurred because...

Helping Your Student Improve Their Writing Skills with Novels

Writing is one a student's most powerful tools throughout their educational path and one which can determine their future options by way of applications. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has some information to share about how you...

Show Your Kids Just How Much Fun Reading Can Be!

As a parent, you know just how beneficial reading is to your everyday life. However, more than that, you also know just how enjoyable reading is and how it can provide a great imaginary escape. Children, on the other hand, don’t often share this...

Help Your Child with Their Homework Without the Need to Learn Astrophysics

As school subjects increase in complexity, more and more parents are finding that they aren't able to give their children as much homework help as they would like to, purely because the subject has advanced too far since...


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