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Some of the Benefits of Group Study Sessions

We’ve all seen The Breakfast Club. It’s a timeless movie! However, despite what many parents think, it isn’t a realistic depiction of what happens when students hang out in the library together. In the real world, students studying in a group can be very beneficial. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has some information below on the topic.

I’m Pretty Sure I Know What the Teacher Has Asked of Me

If you have ever been at work and were provided with the same instruction as your colleagues, only to find that you perceived them a little different and handed in incorrect work, then you know just how angry a boss can be. Consider this example in your child’s classroom but, instead of an angry boss, it’s an unimpressed teacher who assigns a low or failing grade because of a simple misperception. During a group study session, students have the opportunity to openly speak about how they perceived the instructions and what each student believes is required to achieve a high grade. As a result, each student leaves with a solid understanding of the work they need to do.

I Think It Was 1880. Hang On, Maybe It Was 1980. Was It Even a Date at All?

Have you ever told your youngster that they don’t need to write everything the teacher says, just the important parts? Have you ever noticed that, despite your teachings, they still come home with a notebook full of incomplete notes because they were furiously trying to write down what the teacher said three sentences ago while simultaneously trying to listen to what was being said at the present? During a group study session, each student has the opportunity to not only benefit from looking at and utilizing their peers' notes but can also assist their classmates by sharing theirs. For example, while your student may not have taken down dates correctly, they may have paid attention to important names, something somebody in the group wasn’t able to do! The result? Each student leaves the study session with a complete set of correct notes, giving them a solid learning resource to study from during their own homework time.

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