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 As your child is going through school, there are many things he or she is going to need from you in order to succeed. One easy way you can help your child to improve his or her study and homework time is by providing an area in your home that is specifically set aside for study. Today, The Tutoring Center in Long Beach would like to provide you with three useful tips as to how to set up an effective study space for your child.

Consider both the preferences and the personality of your child when designating a study area:

  • On the other hand, if your child benefits from having sound around him or her when studying, you can use the dining area or somewhere near the living areas that are most populated, but not quite in them
  • If your child needs absolute silence to work, perhaps you should consider putting the study space in an area where your child will have limited background noise

Establish rules, with your child in mind, for the study space:

  • Ensure that while your child is in this area, he or she is not interrupted, to the best of your ability
  • One of your first rules to consider is the ‘no phone’ rule in the study space
  • Your child may benefit from some background music while studying, in which case you can allow it. Likewise, if you know it will be distracting to your child, then rule it out

Designate an area that is comfortable and permanent:

  • Make sure that it provides comfort, while not being so comfortable that your child wishes to sleep rather than work-it is for this reason that your child’s bed is not a recommended study area
  • Attempt to make this an area you are OK with your child taking over, for an extended period of time
Whether your child is doing well in school, with a teacher who is supportive and helpful, or you could use these tips on dealing with a difficult teacher, know that it is still possible that your child will need some extra assistance. If you think your child would benefit from a tutor in a certain subject area, remember The Tutoring Center is here to serve you. For tutoring in Long Beach, be sure to contact us at 562-653-4380.


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