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Demonstrating the Benefits of Math

Every parent knows just how important math is to their adult life, however, convincing children of this can often feel like an impossible challenge. If this sounds familiar, below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Long Beach with an activity which can help.

A Learning Utility

While you likely don’t realize it, each time that you open up and review your utility and service bills can be a great teaching platform for your children. Make time for you and your children to sit down and enjoy a snack while you review your utility bills:
  • Ask your student to identify different applicable rates throughout the day.
  • Identify when your home using the most energy or service.
  • Calculate the benefits of moving usage to another period.
  • Consider any financial benefits of moving to a different provider.
  • Use the information in your current and previous bills to forecast the amount of the next period.
This is a terrific activity for a number of reasons:
  1. As basic as they may seem, the lessons you teach during this activity are beneficial to your child’s classroom and life.
  2. The practicality of the lesson helps your children to see the relevance and benefit to using math in everyday adult life.
  3. Because you are involved in the lesson, you have the opportunity to identify any potential learning challenges.

Math Tutoring in Long Beach

If your student struggles with the math in this activity or they are starting to fall behind their classmates, one-to-one math tutoring in Long Beach can help. To find out more, speak with a professional tutor at 562-653-4380 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Long Beach.


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