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Give Your Child the Time Management Skills They Need

One of the least appealing aspects of adolescence is how often students tend to forget things, but, of course, never their cell phone charger. No, instead, it’s often important assignment due dates. You can often tell this has occurred because your child is running around the house wondering how they are going to complete their assignment on time. If this happens once or twice then it can be reasonable to chalk it up to hormones and brain chemicals. However, if it continues, then it could be an indicator that your student needs to improve their time management skills. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA have the following post to share on why time management skills are so important to a student. While you might take your time management skills for granted, like when you load the dishwasher and turn it on while you mop the floors to maximize your cleaning time, there are some students who haven’t yet picked up on these skills. When a student with poor time management skills travels through their educational path, the effects are far greater than lost cleaning time. A great example would involve a perceived model student. On the surface, they attend each class on time without ever missing a lesson. During each of their classes, they listen intently, ask questions, meticulously write notes, and even enjoys the lessons. If you were to give this student an assignment, it is reasonable to expect they would receive high marks. However, if you include in your perception, that the student has poor time management skills, the outcome changes. Instead of planning out the work that needed to be done to complete the assignment over the course of a few study sessions, this student is now thrust into a state of anxiety as they rush to start and finish an entire assignment in a matter of hours. Even worse is that the hours used are the very hours that their brain has been taught to sleep through. As you can imagine, a brain that wants to sleep isn’t a productive brain. When this happens, a student who put the effort in and prepared all of their learning resources is not able to utilize either. Instead, an assignment is prepared using incomplete research and missing a lot of important details because the student simply didn’t have enough time to include it all. The result is an assignment handed in that doesn’t accurately reflect the nature of the student. Unfortunately, the further result is the reduction in the student’s overall semester grade. After all, it doesn’t matter how much effort the teacher sees a student put into their studying. If an assignment weighted at 50% of their grade receives a C, the teacher needs to use this C when considering their overall grade.

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