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Is the Summer Learning Slide Affecting Your Child?

It is easy to think that the summer learning slide is a fun attraction at your local park where you learn new lessons as you slide down! Unfortunately, the reality is very different. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has prepared a post below with more information on the topic.

Just What Is the Summer Learning Slide?

The summer learning slide is a phenomenon which can affect all students who take a long break from an educational environment, such as the break your student is taking this summer. During this time, their brain becomes a little mushy and begins to forget important lessons. It may be a math equation here, a science experiment there, and so on. While they may only be small snippets of information, once your student sits down in class during the new school year, they will need to spend valuable lesson time relearning this information while also trying to keep up with what is currently being taught.

Can It Be Prevented?

The summer learning slide can be easily prevented and without the need to enroll your student in full-time summer school. Here are some great ideas you can utilize:
  • Have them pick out notes from subjects which posed a particular learning challenge during the school year. Review these while you and your family are on a road trip to a vacation destination or while you drive them to the mall.
  • A few one-to-one tutoring sessions a week is not only a great way to retain knowledge, but also gives them the opportunity to further their knowledge, priming them for the new school year.
  • Create a few pop-quizzes which you can give your student at random times. For example, have them complete a pop-quiz on the way to the store with the reward for completing it being a small treat from the candy aisle.

Tutoring in Long Beach Can Prevent the Summer Learning Slide from Affecting Your Student

When it comes to preventing the summer learning slide, there is no better option than tutoring in Long Beach. Speak with a learning professional today at The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA by calling 562-653-4380 to book your free initial diagnostic consultation and to learn more about how their subject focused tutoring programs can prevent the summer learning slide from taking its toll on your youngster.


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