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Learn More About the Effects Summer Vacation Can Have on Your Student's Progress

If you are looking at your student’s grades and seeing high marks which accurately reflect the level of work they put in throughout the school year, summer vacation can seem like the perfect time to reward them with a break from all of their studies. While a break is surely deserved, The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has a post to share on why it is important to find a balance between vacation time and study.

The Importance of Summer Learning

Do you remember when you were younger and your brain absorbed knowledge? It doesn’t matter whether it was a recipe, a lesson on long division, or how many responses you received from your last social media post. If it was information made available to your brain, you absorbed it. If you were to think of an analogy for how your brain operated during this time, a sponge would be the most appropriate. Just like a real sponge, however, once it is taken out of the water (or in your student’s case, school) it can start to drip. Only small drops, no doubt, but drops none the less. This is true for your child’s brain; now that it is no longer being constantly bombarded with school lessons and new information, it takes a break and starts to drip. Unfortunately, in the case of your student, those drips contain valuable information, such as previous lessons learned or lectures attended. Let’s consider math as an example as it a progressive subject with each new lesson being built from the previous. Over the course of a long vacation period, small yet important lessons are forgotten. Formulas are harder to remember and the ease of completing equations starts to get more difficult. While this isn’t a concern for your student while they enjoy time with their friends over the break, it quickly becomes a hindrance when the new school year starts. Instead of hitting the ground running and picking up their math lessons right where they left off, intelligent and engaged students need to spend their valuable class time relearning base lessons just so they can keep up with their classmates.

Tutoring in Long Beach, CA Can Prevent a Summer Learning Loss

Every student deserves a break from full-time study, however, it is important for their continued learning that their vacation time includes a balanced level of study. One-to-one tutoring in Long Beach, CA provides the perfect platform for students to maintain and continue their learning over the summer break without returning to a full course load. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA by calling 562 653 4380 and ask about the subject focused tutoring programs available and how these can prevent your child from falling behind before the new school year has even begun.


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