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Keep Your Children Warm, Entertained, and Learning

The summertime and the weather during and around it are often the times when parents see their children the least, often struggling to keep them indoors long enough to feed them! Of course, when the warm and inviting weather starts to disappear, so too does a student’s interest in leaving the couch. If this sounds familiar, here are two great ideas from The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA which can keep your children entertained, learning, and warm!

Give the Museum a Visit

It’s fair to say that museums don’t have the best reputation for being fun and exciting. This can often come from the memory which parents have of their museum visits during a time without internet access or any real advanced levels of technology. Now, however, it’s a very different world. Not content to allow cellphone and tablet screens to steal all the attention, many museums have embraced technology and utilize it to provide a range of interactive, fun, and educational exhibits and installations. Whether it be climbing on a replica space ship while learning about gravity or swimming through a ball-pit while being taught the basics of mass and quantity, you might just find yourself trying to convince the staff to let you play alongside your youngsters!


If your youngster loves nothing more than to cover your carpet and walls with paint, then it’s time to redirect their artistic flair to a learning task. Here’s how it works: Take a trip to the store and allow your youngster to choose a paint-by-numbers set which interests them. Look for one which they can reasonably and cleanly complete but also one which includes a good range of numbers. Set everything up in an easy-to-clean space. When you are ready to start, replace your standard method with these:
  • Paint all of the prime numbers first.
  • Choose a multiplication set and paint its ascending numbers.
  • If your student is learning the basic of weight, use unit conversion questions.
Of course, there is nothing stopping you from joining in and painting your own set alongside them to not only encourage them but to also give your brain a bit of a refresher!

Tutoring Can Work for Your Student

Apart from being fun learning activities, these activities also provide an opportunity to identify any learning challenges your youngster may be facing, such as any recurring struggles with multiplication tables. If you see these issues, the best advice is to tackle them early. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA at 562 653 4380 to learn more about how one-to-one tutoring can help your child overcome any learning hurdles and reach their learning potential.


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