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Tips to Help Students Perform Well During Exams

The grade on your student’s exams can determine their future academic path, which means that each student needs to prepare and study for every exam. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach understand the importance of exams and has some tips for parents to share with their children.

Create a Plan

As soon as you find out that you have an exam, write the details in your calendar or planner. Then, work your way backward through the weeks prior and plan a sufficient number of study sessions. Not only will this prevent you from forgetting about an exam but it will also prevent your time from becoming so booked that you don’t have any time to study.

Take What You Need

One week prior to the exam, find out what tools you will need to complete the exam and make sure that you have them and they are ready to go. This means fresh batteries in calculators, etc.


Instead of working through the exam in the order set, review the pages and identify any questions or sections which you are confident can be answered quickly and correctly. Then, move through the remainder of the exam. In the event that you are not able to complete the exam, this technique can help you to earn points for answers to questions you studied for, but may not have reached because you were stuck on more difficult questions that you were unsure of the answer.


Before you hand in your exam, be sure that you take some time to review it. It only takes a tired brain to write an incorrect number, causing you to submit an incorrect answer and miss out on a point. When reviewing, be sure that your answers are correct and clearly written.

Tutoring in Long Beach Can Help

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