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How to Help Your Child Reach Their Goals

With children well on their way to exams, it’s time to check in with them and see how much progress they’ve made toward the goals they set either before school started or shortly after. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach has prepared the following post to help you with that conversation.


Whether you know it or not, your child, either by themselves or with the help of a teacher, will have set some goals. Whether it’s reading a series of books or simply taking more notes during each class, their goals can include just about anything. Make some time to sit and have a positive conversation with them about their progress. If you discover that your child is falling behind, be sure to encourage them to not simply quit because they aren’t likely to reach the goal. Instead, look for ways to adjust their method or adjust the goal itself. As an example, if your child has a goal to read a series of books but can’t find the time, either reduce the number of books they have to read or help them adjust their schedule to make time for more reading. Both of these are better than your child simply giving up.

Introduce Complementary Goals

If, on the other hand, your child is tracking well to achieve their goals and feels like they have additional time and effort, consider additional complementary goals. Keeping with the example above, if your child is on track to finish a series of books, look to see if there is a secondary small set which the author has written. The time that your child spends studying during their formative years is limited, so be sure to fill it with as much learning and goal-achieving as possible.

Incentives Have Their Place

It is never recommended to bribe a child to complete their homework or achieve a goal, however, appropriate incentives can be a great benefit. For example, and again on the topic of reading, if your child reads a set number of chapters in their book throughout the week, allow them to choose the movie or the game for family fun night. If they complete a book which also has a movie made about it, reward the book’s completion with a trip to see the movie.

Tutoring in Long Beach Can Help Your Child Reach Their Goals

If your child is struggling with achieving education-based goals or they need more help with their homework than you are able to provide, tutoring in Long Beach can help. To learn more about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring in Long Beach, speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Long Beach by calling 562-653-4380.


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