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Show Your Kids Just How Much Fun Reading Can Be!

As a parent, you know just how beneficial reading is to your everyday life. However, more than that, you also know just how enjoyable reading is and how it can provide a great imaginary escape. Children, on the other hand, don’t often share this view. Instead, many children see reading as a chore. To help change your child’s perception of reading, The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has a great idea to share called a ‘Reading Picnic’ below.

Select Your Book

The first step is crucial for a reading picnic. Instead of a school book or a textbook, allow your child to choose something which interests them. This could be an autobiography of their favorite racing car driver or a mystical adventure full of dragons and spells. Once they have chosen a book, get two copies (either on an e-reader on a physical book), one for your child and one for you.

What to Pack

Depending on the length of the book or how much you are hoping to complete will depend on what you need to pack. Follow the rules you usually do when packing a regular picnic for you and your family. However, be sure to include food to power your brains and some small delicious snacks to use as treats and rewards along the way (more on these below).

Where to Go

During a regular picnic, you would likely choose somewhere active with lots of stimulation to keep your children occupied. However, with a reading picnic, look for the opposite. Try to find somewhere quiet and free of distractions so that both you and your child can focus on your reading.

Now for Reading

The goal during your picnic is to elevate your child’s excitement levels when it comes to reading. With this in mind, start by reading the first chapter and then taking a small break. During the break, have a snack and an energetic talk about where you each think the storyline is going. While the book may not be to your interests, match your child’s excitement levels during your talks. While it may seem silly, talk about the types of voices you think each character has and act them out. Remember, the key to a reading picnic is to keep everything light and fun. Once you finish this break, read for another two or three chapters and then take another break to discuss. This time, create some rewards that each of you will receive if you are correct about your upcoming predictions. As you keep taking breaks, don’t forget the small rewards you each made and to receive your rewards. These help to keep the activity light and enjoyable. Before you know it, the day will be done, your book has been read, and you will see the excitement on your child’s face after reading, which you never thought you would see.

Reading Tutoring In Long Beach

Simple activities like a reading picnic are a great way to raise your child’s interest in reading and to help them see it as an enjoyable task. If you notice that your child struggles with the material they choose or their reading level is below that of their peers, speak with The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA at 562-653-4380 about how reading programs delivered through one-to-one tutoring in Long Beach can help raise your child’s reading level and their confidence.


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