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Helping Your Student Improve Their Writing Skills with Novels

Writing is one a student's most powerful tools throughout their educational path and one which can determine their future options by way of applications. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has some information to share about how you can improve your child's writing skills with stories and novels.

The More Words, the Better

How well we can express our feelings, thoughts, and arguments depends on the number of words we know. With so many students focused on their textbooks, essays, assignments, and applications can all begin to look identical. Exposure to fantasy, crime, horror, mystery, etc. type genres open a student's brain to words which a textbook would never include. It is these very words which allow a student to express their views and arguments better, helping their application and response stand out.

Surely There's a Better Way to Put That?!

Whether it's good news, bad news, or just general news, there are an unlimited amount of ways you can structure your communication. Many of these ways are learned through reading books which are designed to excite, evoke emotion, or even frighten. Fiction writers need to structure their sentences and wordplay very carefully to detail a story to the reader fully. This is an invaluable communication skill which gives students the advantage of being better able to articulate their thoughts in a way that not only accurately portrays their thought, but is also worded to elicit a response. When writing admissions essays where a student is required to outline their life or provide a personal answer to an essay question, this skill can give your student the ability to really stand out and provide a robust and engaging response.

Improve Your Child's Writing with Tutoring

If you notice that your child shows an interest in reading, however, they seem to struggle, tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA at 562 653 4380 to book a free consultation. During your first visit, a learning professional can introduce you to the idea of tutoring and answer any questions you have.


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