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How Phone and Tablet Apps Can Help Your Child Academically

For many parents, it can feel as though their children are constantly glued to their phone screens. And while social media and photo sharing may not be the most educational, Tutoring Center of Long Beach has two ways to share with you about how their phones can be used as educational tools.

Math Games and Apps

Math is often the most difficult lesson for children to learn, and not always a subject which is associated with fun and games. However, with technology as a learning tool, that perception can be changed. Look for appropriate games in your app store which include your child's favorite characters or music. Look for apps that can be used as a way to make math learning interactive and enjoyable. These apps also have the additional benefit of reporting progress to both your child and you, helping you to understand any learning challenges which may be present.

Reading and Note Taking

If you have a tablet and your child is in the middle of a study period, this could be a great opportunity to embrace technology and help them learn. Install an e-reader app and download their textbooks into it. Being able to carry multiple textbooks around with them in one device not only makes it easier to access their learning, but these e-reader apps also allow digital note taking and markups which can be printed out to help them keep track of their notes.

Take Your Child's Learning Further With Tutoring in Long Beach

These are just two of the great ways in which your child's phone or tablet can benefit their education, and not just their social life. If you are looking for further ways for your child to boost their learning, speak with The Tutoring Center of Long Beach at 562-653-4380 and ask about our "Geniuses in Training" programs.


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