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Vacations are here, one week in and your children are probably running out of entertainment ideas. What should a parent do to keep them busy? Tutoring in Long Beach CA is a great idea, but maybe this time you are looking for something more summery, like a camp or fun summer program. There are many option out there and The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has some tips on choosing the best one for you.


When you are looking for a summer program, search for one that has a varying list of activities. Something that combines academics and fun educational activities. From gardening, to cooking to engineering to sports!


Perhaps your children show a special talent: like being great painters or amazing musicians. A great summer program would be one that supports and enriches those talents and interests.


A summer program should encourage cooperative learning. Group activities that promote a common goal help your children build skills that they will be using all throughout their lifetime. Maybe it’s writing and acting out a play, or playing in a team sport, anything that gets them working well with others.


Look for a program that lasts longer than a week. Give them a chance to get used to and actually reap the benefits of the learning experiences they will be living. If a summer program is too short, you can combine it with another one.

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Summer tutoring in Long Beach CA is a great option to keep your children busy this summer, so call The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA. We don’t only have summer programs, but all year tutoring options, too. Give us a call at: 562-653-4380 and we will be there for your children over the coming school year.  


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