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Flashcards: A Traditional Favorite

Providing a child with homework help is a great way for parents to become involved in their student's learning. The challenge can often be understanding the lessons being taught in modern classes. If this is preventing you from getting involved in your young student's education, The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has the perfect post for you.

Their Notes Are the Key

It doesn't matter if you look at their notebook and see what appears to be another language. What you are looking for are notes that posed a particular challenge during class.  A good way to identify those lessons is to look for the following:
  • Notes that have been written then crossed out and then written again, a number of times
  • Notes that include sentences that don't finish
  • Scribbled notes
Once you have identified these, have your student complete the notes and make sure everything is correct. This will form the content of your flashcards.

What to Write on the Cards

Depending on the subject, the notes are likely to be too complex for flashcards. Find the key information and write short and concise questions such as:
  • When was the empire state building constructed?
  • Name three countries in the European Union.
  • Who was the 51st President?
Keeping the questions concise helps to promote faster recollection because the student doesn't have to think too much about wording. They can focus simply on the facts.

When to Use Your Cards

Long study sessions aren't your best bet for this one. Instead, keep the cards small and portable, carrying them in your bag or car storage compartment. Consider opportunities such as your student wanting to choose dinner while you are at the grocery store or needing a ride to the mall. Answering three of your flashcards can be a great motivator.

Summer Tutoring in Long Beach CA Works

Keeping your child's lessons fresh in their brain over the summer break is key to them hitting the ground running when the new school year starts. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA at 562-653-4380 about how a balance of summer tutoring in Long Beach CA can help your student get the most out of their summer break.


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