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Summer vacations are so close, yet so far away, or so it seems. School is the last think you want to think about with all those much more interesting summer plans. Unfortunately, those plans can’t happen until you get out of school. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has a few suggestions on how to make it through these days.


Before going out to any pool parties or end of the school year events, be sure to finish up any assignment you have. They will be waiting patiently even after your events. So it’s better to finish up with schoolwork so you can relax knowing your work is done.

Make Calculations

Check your grades to figure out how you are doing in every subject and if there is need for you to do something about it. You’ll know which classes need you to work harder and which ones you should prioritize.

Extra Credit

Now is your last chance to boost your grades. If you’re feeling like they could be better, you should talk to your teachers about getting an extra credit assignment. Maybe they'll make up something just for you. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Get a Good Night Sleep

These last weeks you’re probably stressed out with exams or final assignments. You are probably pulling back to back all-nighters, and that is not healthy. In fact, it only makes you less productive. Make sure to have your 8 hours of sleep and if you can, a short power nap during the day can make a huge difference.


A hydrated brain is a happy brain. Dehydration causes headaches and fatigue, and those are elements that can surely distract you from your school duties. Keep a water bottle close to you at all times, especially if you are drinking tons of caffeine.

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