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Help Your Child See the Fun Side of Math

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents providing homework help is how to make math lessons fun. With most children considering math to be boring and not useful, their interest in the subject wanes and their grades suffer as a result. Using our extensive experience providing tutoring in Long Beach, The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA would like to share three easy to follow tips to help you show your child the fun and practical side of math.

Basic Addition and Subtraction

During their regular classes, children are presented with math lessons on the board and through textbooks. While this may be an effective way to learn, your child may not consider it to be enjoyable. Instead, look for games you can play which include their current lessons. If they are struggling with basic addition and subtraction, play a game of Monopoly and allow them to be 'The Banker.'


If the lesson relates to probability, count out the colors of jelly beans and fill a jar. Ask your child to calculate the probability of choosing each color, and if they get it right, they get to eat some jelly beans. Once they have eaten some of the jelly beans, the probability changes, and the lesson continues.

Show Them How You Use Math

A challenge with learning from reading the board is associating the lesson with real-world application. When you are writing your shopping list and calculating the benefits of buying in bulk or whether a sale item will benefit you in the long term, share these calculations with your child. Such a small task is a great way for them to see the important place math has in their family life.

Further Their Learning Through Tutoring in Long Beach

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