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High-Quality Notes for High-Quality Study

Studying at home is a great way for any student to continue and improve on their learning from their school lessons. However, the effectiveness of their studying depends on the quality of their notes. To help your child with their note-taking, The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has tips below to read and share.
  • Separate Your Notes. A single notebook is only convenient until it becomes a tome. Use a separate notebook for each class and never mix notes.
  • Separate Your Pages. Speaking of separation, each time you start a new lesson or class, start a new page.
  • What Does That Say?! If you can't understand what you've written, it isn't much benefit. Take care to write clear notes and use abbreviations instead of scribbling a long word which you can't read later.
  • Listen! Lecturers and teachers are presenting vital information, so listen carefully! It only takes a small cellphone distraction to miss out on an important piece of information.
  • Key Points Only. Don't waste valuable time trying to write everything that is said. Pay particular attention to key points such as dates, people, places, events, etc. Once you have that, you can expand with context notes.
  • Leave Space. The easiest way to become confused by your notes is by writing small amendments in between lines. Instead, leave space at the end of each section of your notes for additions or corrections.
  • Compare and Review. After the lecture or class, speak with a classmate and compare and review your notes together. This helps to clarify any misinformation and expands your notes.

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