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Build a Better Study Space for Your Youngster

Each time that your youngster completes their homework or studies for an upcoming exam, how effective their study period is depends on many factors, including the environment in which they are studying. Instead of your youngster reading their notes while on the couch watching TV, consider the post below from The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA on how to create a great study space for your student.

Distractions Be-Gone!

The best place to start is with a distraction free space. Now you may be thinking that this can be any space which doesn’t include your student’s cell phone, tablet, or laptop. However, would you believe that the lawn being mowed, children playing, or even vacuuming the carpets can be enough of a distraction to cause your student to lose focus and valuable learning time? Take a look around your home to find a space which will be free from all of these distractions and more. This could be your bedroom, the back laundry room, or even an outdoor space. Wherever it is, consider setting up a desk and chair and creating a temporary homework zone.

Everything Needed

A simple mistake such as leaving markers outside the study space or forgetting to bring in a glass of water can cause your student to stop their studying to go and get the item. While it may only take a couple of seconds, the impact is much greater. Once a student returns to their studies it can take 15 minutes for them to re-read the information they were reviewing and to get back into a rhythm. At the start of the week, ask your student which items they will need during the week for their study sessions and be sure it’s all ready for them to use. Consider using a small basket to store each day’s items so that it is easy to move it to and from their study space.

The Right Lighting

The right lighting conditions are crucial to an effective study space, so be sure that there is good lighting in the area you choose. Remember that lighting which is too dim can cause your student to feel sleepy while lighting which is too bright can make it difficult to read the text and even cause eye strain. Something as simple as a desk lamp or curtains could be just what is needed to improve a learning space.

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