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Synonym Bingo

With tablets and TV screens drawing so much of your youngster’s attention, it can be quite a challenge to keep your child’s attention engaged in learning. However, with every challenge comes a solution, and The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has one for you! It’s called Synonym Bingo, and it’s a great game you can play at home.

DIY Synonym Bingo

  • Check online for some blank bingo cards or simply draw some up yourself. 3 by 3 squares is a good amount.
  • Tear up 15 small pieces of paper.
  • On one side of each piece, write a word.
  • On the other side, write a synonym.
  • Now, place each of the pieces on the table, with whichever random side facing up.
  • Copy a selection of these words onto the bingo cards, making sure that you don’t double up.
  • Place the pieces of paper into a bowl.
Pass the bowl around for each person to take out a piece of paper, reading only one word. If any of the players has a synonym for the word, they mark off a square until they make a line of three. As you can imagine, just like real bingo, when it gets down to two players waiting for a word to come out, it can become amusingly frustrating, making it an activity everybody will enjoy and laugh along with. Of course, it also comes with the advantage of increasing the complexity as your child’s knowledge grows. Simply change the difficulty of the words you use or use more targeted words related to your child’s studies.

Tutoring in Long Beach CA Can Help

When playing Synonym Bingo, if you notice that your student has trouble recalling words which have only recently learned, speak with The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA at 562-653-4380 about how tutoring in Long Beach CA can help. One-on-one tutoring provides students with the attention they need to improve their learning level and reach their learning potential.


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