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Give Your Child's Return After the Break a Boost

Three days, one week, two weeks, six doesn't matter! A student's brain will take any chance that it can get to forget valuable lessons. When this happens over breaks, similar to the Christmas break, it can make the return in the next term quite challenging. To help you out, The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has some tips to share.

It All Starts With a Cold Morning

Children don't want to get out of bed for school at the best of times, let alone when it's cold out. If this is a sentiment felt in your home, try these ideas:
  • Swap regular cereal for a hot breakfast. If your children get out the door on time, reward them the next morning by waking them up with their favorite hot breakfast.
  • If you are looking to reward your children after the fact, throw in a last minute tasty snack as they leave for school (on-time) or prepare their favorite dinner that night.
  • If your children want to go to the mall or a sleepover with their friends on the weekend, consider it a reward for a week of on-time starts.

Kickstart Their Learning

With your children fed and at school on time, here are some ideas to help them with any learning they may have forgotten:
  • If they completed a test before the cold break, let them retake it at home to give them a refresher on some of the most relevant information.
  • Help them look through their notes and identify any struggle areas. If you notice notes which have been written, crossed out, written again, and so on, it's likely that it posed a challenge.
    • Once you have these lessons identified, create a smaller notebook or 'cheat sheet' you can use for pop-quizzes around the house or as part of a reward system.
  • Be sure to reward their efforts, even if small when starting out. When it comes to building a routine again, every little piece of encouragement (where it is due) can help.

Tutoring in Long Beach, CA

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