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What Should I Use My Planner For?

When they’re first asked to use a planner for school, many students feel like it’s one more chore their teacher is asking them to do. Many of them don’t see its value because they’re used to teachers and parents constantly reminding them of their schoolwork. That might’ve worked fine during elementary school, but one of the skills that middle and high school students are expected to learn is independence. A great way of helping them get used to the planner is to sitting down and deciding what goes in their planner. Does your child forget schoolwork? Let them know how the planner can help them remember. Is your child anxious about finishing homework on time? Show them how a planner can help keep track of their deadlines.

Write Down Assignments

As mentioned above, keeping a planner is a rather personal thing as everyone chooses what to track and how to track it. That being said, the most crucial part of planners is using it. When getting the hang of using a planner, the best way to get used to it is to write assignments as soon as you get them, plans as soon as they are made, and activities as soon as they’re decided upon. Another way is to set aside some time to write down new tasks and review the ones due the next day.

Track of Your Progress

Finally, the best part of having a planner, other than not forgetting what schoolwork is up next, is tracking your progress and celebrating accomplishments. Planners might just look like a blank notebook at the start of the school year, but once it's filled with assignments, events, and deadlines, it’s a nice place to look back and see what went on for the whole year.

Learning to keep track of your schoolwork is essential in child development and independence. Personalized tutoring in Long Beach, CA, can also help them achieve their learning goals. Get in touch with The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA, at 562-653-4380 and ask them how their academic programs can help your child do better at school. Schedule a free initial diagnostic session today!


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