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 When a parent first learns that they have a child with a learning disability it can seem very daunting and even impossible, at first. However, with a bit of research and conversations with the right people, the challenges can be brought down to size as just that, challenges. One particular struggle for parents with children who suffer from learning disabilities is that of motivating their children to succeed, in spite of the new challenges. The Tutoring Center in Long Beach would like to help with that today by offering a few ways you can help to motivate your child with a Learning Disability.

First, you’ve to got to ensure you are knowledgeable in what your child is going through. Researching and understanding your child’s disability is going to be an excellent first step in motivating him or her.

Once you’ve versed in the disability your child has been diagnosed with, you are going to need to take the time to ensure your child that you are his or her number one supporter. You will be acting as the main advocate for your child’s education and well being from here on out. If your child knows you are on his or her side, the odds will not seem so big.

Remembering that your child will likely face adversity due to his or her LD, you should remember to take the time to focus on his or her strengths and passions. It is important that your child is regularly reminded that there are things he or she does well. Also, to reward your child for the hard work that is done, allow time for those activities your child is most passionate about. Know that they do not have to be academic activities, and that allowing time for creative pursuits is another excellent way to motivate your child.

Finally, always ensure that your child is provided with choices. This is helpful for all children, and especially those with learning disabilities. As your child may feel out of control in certain areas of his or her life at this time, giving choices is a great way to help regain some of that control. These choices certainly do not have to be unguided. You could, for example, give your child a list of tasks which need to be completed in any given time, and then allow your child to put them in order of importance or interest.

Whether or not your child has a learning disability, all children can benefit from structure and can be motivated by the above tips. You can help your child even further by creating a study space for him or her. The Tutoring Center has an experienced tutoring staff that is ready to assist any child with his or her learning difficulties or disabilities. For tutoring in Long Beach be sure to contact us at 562-653-4380.


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