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We recently offered a guide to inspiring your child to love reading, so it seems natural to now provide some tips on cultivating a love of math too, so you can be sure your child is academically well-rounded. Follow these suggestions courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Long Beach and your child will be a mathematician in no time.

Set a good example

It’s no secret that your child is heavily influenced by your actions, so take advantage of this and provide a good model. Approach math problems with a good attitude and your child is more likely to be positive and confident when presented with a challenge.

Get involved

It’s important that your child learn to be independent and solve problems for themselves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever offer help. Make sure to join in with their homework on occasion to see how they are progressing and talk through problems with them to make sure they understand underlying concepts rather than simply being able to answer by rote.

The stealth approach

Math doesn’t always consist of sheets of problems. Sneak a little math into your child’s everyday life to make sure their brain’s getting regular workouts (this is especially important over the holidays as it’ll keep them sharp!). Try asking your child to help you add up the cost of the groceries, or when preparing Thanksgiving dinner ask for their help with the weights and measures. Activities like this may also help your child to realize that math is useful in ‘real life’, not just in the classroom.

Make it fun

Learning need not be a chore. Why not adapt some of your games to include math (perhaps play a board game in which each player has to answer a math question before they can take their turn), or even create some of your own. There are also thousands of educational apps out there, so if you have the technology (a computer, smartphone or tablet) make use of it!

If your child could do with a little extra help with their math, The Tutoring Center’s Geniuses in Training Math Programs™ can provide all the support they need. We also offer free diagnostic assessments in order to tailor our help specifically to your child’s needs. Call 562-653-4380 to organize tutoring in Long Beach today.


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