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Clean Out Your Backpack

School is well underway, and having a clean and organized backpack can help students do better in school by having all the essentials they need to tackle their school days. Backpacks often become a catch-all for loose pieces of paper, lunch packaging, and trash, so the first step is to clean out your backpack, put away important pieces of paper, and throw away things you don’t need.

Only Carry the Things You Need

Next, make sure you’re only packing things you’ll need for the school day. There’s no need to haul around textbooks and notebooks for classes that you won’t be happening that day. For this, it’s helpful to have a class schedule handy so that you can keep track of the materials you’ll need for the day. Also, these things can include water bottles, changes of clothes, and miscellaneous objects that you’ll use during the school day.

Use Pockets and Pouches Wisely

Finally, a great way to have a better-organized backpack is to use its pockets mindfully and have pouches for specific things you might need to pack. For example, have a pouch for art supplies, another one for clothes, and another one for lunch. This way, keeping your backpack organized and tidy can be much more manageable.

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