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High-Quality Notes for High-Quality Study

Studying at home is a great way for any student to continue and improve on their learning from their school lessons. However, the effectiveness of their studying depends on the quality of their notes. To help your child with their note-taking, The...

How Math Tutoring Can Help Improve Your Child's Grades

Whether your child is looking at a career in science, technology, or even construction, they need a strong understanding of math. Moreso, how well they perform in the math portion of their schooling can determine their future opportunities....

Help Your Child's Confidence Levels

How confident a child is can not only determine how successful they are at school but can also affect the opportunities which are made available to them during their career path. For this reason, it’s important to nurture a child’s confidence at a young age. If...
Summer vacations are so close, yet so far away, or so it seems. School is the last think you want to think about with all those much more interesting summer plans. Unfortunately, those plans can’t happen until you get out of school. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has a few suggestions on how...
Vacations are here, one week in and your children are probably running out of entertainment ideas. What should a parent do to keep them busy? Tutoring in Long Beach CA is a great idea, but maybe this time you are looking for something more summery, like a camp or fun summer program. There are...
You may be starting high school next year and you are probably stressing out about it. There is nothing to worry about, it’s a process everyone goes through and one you’re not going through it alone. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has some tip for all the high school freshmen out there.


Exam period can be a very stressful time for everyone in the family, but it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning and a positive attitude, even the struggling student can reach that desired goal. When preparing for an exam you should consider these suggestions.

Be Calm

A chaos and stress free...
There are many factors that can affect learning over the summer. The absence of school and daily classes can make students lose a lot of the knowledge they gained over the school year. Another factor, other than idleness, that can affect learning is hydration. Did you know that even a slightly...

The Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument

In addition to academic studies, there are numerous extracurricular activities which children can enjoy that can also have a positive impact on their educational path. One of these activities is learning to play an instrument. If your child has shown...

Help Your Child See the Fun Side of Math

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents providing homework help is how to make math lessons fun. With most children considering math to be boring and not useful, their interest in the subject wanes and their grades suffer as a result. Using our...


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