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There are many factors that can affect learning over the summer. The absence of school and daily classes can make students lose a lot of the knowledge they gained over the school year. Another factor, other than idleness, that can affect learning is hydration. Did you know that even a slightly...
Summer vacations are so close, yet so far away, or so it seems. School is the last think you want to think about with all those much more interesting summer plans. Unfortunately, those plans can’t happen until you get out of school. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has a few suggestions on how...

The Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument

In addition to academic studies, there are numerous extracurricular activities which children can enjoy that can also have a positive impact on their educational path. One of these activities is learning to play an instrument. If your child has shown...

Help Your Child See the Fun Side of Math

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents providing homework help is how to make math lessons fun. With most children considering math to be boring and not useful, their interest in the subject wanes and their grades suffer as a result. Using our...

Help Your Child Achieve Reflective Scores During Their Tests

It is not surprising that test scores, both formal and informal, determine the future educational options which are made available to your child. However, many parents find that, while their children have the knowledge, they just aren't...

The Benefits of Learning Another Language

Apart from the obvious advantage of increased communication skills, learning a second language brings with it many other educational benefits which can have a flow on effect into other areas of study and development. For this post, The Tutoring Center of...

How Phone and Tablet Apps Can Help Your Child Academically

For many parents, it can feel as though their children are constantly glued to their phone screens. And while social media and photo sharing may not be the most educational, Tutoring Center of Long Beach has two ways to share with you...
Language is arguably the best tool we have at our disposal to understand ourselves and the world around us better. However, that tool is of no use when we don't exercise proper grammar. For that reason, it's important to teach students the importance of grammar from an early age, so they can...

Fast Track Math Skills Improvement with Tutoring Near Me

Math contains some pretty difficult concepts for children to learn. Innovative tutoring methods will make the lessons effective and enable understanding throughout the entirety of the math concepts. One of the main reasons that parents...

How to Balance Nutrition and Learning

Achieving good grades in school isn't all about taking notes and studying hard. One of the most important factors in your child's learning is the types of food they're eating, and at what times. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Long Beach will share...


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