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We’re sure that during your student life, you’ve had a few teachers that have left a good impression in your mind. Sadly, however, that isn’t always the case. There are some teachers that aren’t qualified, that don’t use the appropriate teaching techniques, or who are noticeably not passionate...
Exactly how to prompt the behaviour and results that you want for your children can be utterly confusing. Many parents rely on rewards (monetary or otherwise) to get their children to work hard. Today, The Tutoring Center in Long Beach would like to offer a brief overview of the pros and cons of...
We recently offered a guide to inspiring your child to love reading, so it seems natural to now provide some tips on cultivating a love of math too, so you can be sure your child is academically well-rounded. Follow these suggestions courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Long Beach and your child...
Reading is a vital academic skill from an early age, but it can also provide your child with hours of mind-expanding entertainment. To ensure your child has every opportunity to prosper and have fun, follow The Tutoring Center in Long Beach’s guide to motivating your child to become a lifelong...
As the school year is underway, your child may have already seen some tests this semester. We hope that you’ve seen some great work from them already! Here at The Tutoring Center in Long Beach, we cares about your child’s education and feel there is still time to remind you of a few study skills...
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