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Reading is a vital academic skill from an early age, but it can also provide your child with hours of mind-expanding entertainment. To ensure your child has every opportunity to prosper and have fun, follow The Tutoring Center in Long Beach’s guide to motivating your child to become a lifelong reader.

Set a good example

If your child sees you enjoying books regularly, they will likely want to follow suit. You can set an even better example by getting actively involved with your child’s reading. Read with them and make sure to keep them engaged by asking lots of questions about their favourite characters and locations. 

Create positive associations

Teaching your child to love reading in the long term means teaching them to view books and reading in as positive a light as possible. Try giving books as gifts to teach children that they are special. Another tactic to consider is to create a library space for your child. Decorate it with colorful representations of their favorite characters and allow them to arrange their reading materials how they like and they are sure to view it as a special place.

Mix it up

Children may not want to sit and read for long periods of time, especially if they are younger or more active. Every child learns in a different way, so don’t attempt to coerce your child into sitting still and reading; instead, try incorporating other activities into reading time. You could ask your child to draw or paint scenes from the book they are reading, or ask them to imagine and write their own short stories.

Reward good habits

Positive reinforcement is a great way to make sure your child develops good habits in any discipline, not only reading. Rewards don’t have to be extravagant, in fact often simply praising your child is enough. Consider creating a chart of their progress and offering them gold stars or other merits.

If you can’t tear your child away from their books, they’re likely to be performing well academically. You can help to ensure that this is the case by following our test taking strategies. The Tutoring Center offer free diagnostic assessments to identify any areas in which your child would benefit from extra academic support, and provide expert assistance through means such as the Geniuses in Training Reading Program. Call 562-653-4380 to find out more about our expert tutoring in Long Beach.


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