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Helping your child build their vocabulary is essential to improving their overall communication areas like speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Keep reading for three key strategies to help your child build their vocabulary.

Talking to Children

One of the best ways of helping your child in vocabulary building is by talking to them. This is one of those things you can do from birth that can put your child on the track to having an extensive vocabulary when they’re older. When they’re older, having conversations with them can aid them in developing a complex vocabulary and learning words they might not hear in other settings.

Using a Dictionary

Dictionaries are excellent tools for older children to look up words they might encounter when reading. Using dictionaries can also help them learn independently and find definitions and other helpful information like synonyms, antonyms, and other uses for the words they’re looking up.

Reading as a Habit

A reading habit is another excellent way to help children build their vocabulary. Younger children can start the habit with bedtime stories or family storytime; older children might benefit from going to the library and picking out books on topics that interest them. Modeling reading at home is an excellent way to encourage them to read and help them seamlessly improve their vocabulary.

Vocabulary building can also be worked on in tutoring sessions. Call The Tutoring Center, Long Beach, CA, at 562-653-4380 for information on their excellent academic programs for students of all ages. Don’t forget to ask about their free diagnostic assessment.


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