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As the school year is underway, your child may have already seen some tests this semester. We hope that you’ve seen some great work from them already! Here at The Tutoring Center in Long Beach, we cares about your child’s education and feel there is still time to remind you of a few study skills and test taking strategies that will help your child even further this school year!

Study Skills

Do the homework
Your homework should not be neglected. Even if your teacher doesn’t make the habit of checking it, the homework is beneficial to you. Often what is seen in homework is reflected on the test. 
Create a study plan
Though there is value in studying for a test the night before, it should not be the only you study. Make a plan to study throughout the week to be extra prepared. This way the night before, though you may still study, you will not be as stressed and will feel prepared. 
Take good notes
This might seem obvious, but taking notes in class is so helpful for you. As a general rule, if your teacher writes it down, you should do so also. Focus on key concepts. If you are having trouble following or understanding something specific, ask for clarification. You can also compare your notes to those of a classmate to ensure you have written down the most important and major concepts. 

*Now that you have done all of the preparation you can and the test is in your hands, there are a few more tips we have for you to take the test well. 

Test Taking Strategies

Read directions
It is likely that your teacher will go through the directions with you, to help ensure you understand them. Read them again on your own, ensuring further, and of course ask for clarification if you do not understand. 

Strategically answer questions
In order to help build confidence, be sure that you answer the questions you know you know the answers to, first. This way you’ll also have more time to answer the tougher questions. 

Lastly, though it is tempting to put your head down or leave the classroom, if that is an option, instead take time to review the test. Many mistakes that are made can be fixed with a simple review. Check that you followed the directions and put as much detail as possible, recheck your math, and ensure that your grammar and spelling is well done. 

Once you have helped your child out with these easy tips, remember that test anxiety is a real thing, and it is possible that your child will still need some assistance in a particular academic area. The Tutoring Center is here to help your child achieve academic excellence this school year. Give us a call to find out more about our programs and how we can help you,562-653-4380!


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