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Advantages of Having a Cellphone

Nowadays, many parents choose to give their children cellphones at an early age. These can have many advantages like staying in touch with parents and friends. It can also be used as a social learning tool and as a way to make social media connections.

Their Maturity Level is Essential

A lot goes into having a cellphone, like taking care of it and respecting limits, so the first thing to consider before buying one is your child’s maturity level. That being said, many parents believe that childhood is too early to have a cellphone. That’s why most parents wait until the end of elementary school or the beginning of middle school to give their children their first cellphone.

Model How to Properly Use Them

Modeling proper cellphone usage is also essential for children. Even though it can be a great tool, it can also be a source of many distractions. Parents should keep in mind to model when and where a phone should and shouldn’t be used.

Keep Them Safe

Lastly, parents can use tools built into their child’s devices to protect them from content and contact they don’t wish them to have. Parental control settings are also a great way to protect your child from age-inappropriate content and apps.

We know that giving your child their first cellphone is a big decision, but it can be an excellent tool for personal and academic development with the proper guidance. Another great tool for their development is tutoring. Call the experts at The Tutoring Center, Long Beach, CA, at 562-653-4380 today for more information and to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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