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Making the Most of Your Parent-Teacher Meeting

Now that your student has had a chance to settle into the new school year, meet their new classmates and get to know their teachers, it’s time for parents to get involved. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach has prepared the following post to help parents prepare for their first parent-teacher meeting.

Start with a Good List

The best place to start is by creating a list. Set aside a good amount of time and really think about all of the items you would like to speak to your child’s teacher about. These could include their strengths, their weaknesses including any particular learning challenges they faced last school year, right through to their future career aspirations.

Prioritize Your Items

Once you are confident that you have written everything down, it’s time to put your topics in order with the most important first. Of course, you will want to speak about all of the items on your list, but in the event that you run out of time, be sure that you were able to speak about the most important items. Doing the above will help you to prevent returning home from the meeting and suddenly remembering something crucial that you wanted to speak about but forgot and have now missed the opportunity for.

Don’t Complain

You could have a concern about the curriculum. You could have a concern about a new principal or staff member. You could even have a concern about the food being served. Whatever your concern is, if your child’s teacher can’t directly change the situation, don’t bring it up. Many parents can end up spending the majority of their time complaining about valid concerns which the teacher just can’t assist with, wasting valuable time which could have been spent talking about their child.

Tutoring in Long Beach Can Help Improve Last Year’s Grades

If your child’s teacher expects your child to struggle in the school year with a particular lesson or subject, or your child wants to improve last year’s grades, tutoring in Long Beach can help. To learn more, book your free initial diagnostic consultation at The Tutoring Center, Long Beach by calling 562-653-4380.


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