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Completing a Large Project with Ease

As adults, completing big tasks has become second nature. Whether it's at work or at home, the skills are there. For students who are coming up against these challenges for the first time, however, the lessons need to be learned. For this post, The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has some tips to share which can help your child complete large projects with ease.

Smaller Tasks

When an unequipped student is given a large project, that's all they see - a large project. What you can help them to see is the combination of smaller, more achievable tasks. As an example, if a student is assigned a project on the life of George Washington in the instance mentioned above, broken down tasks could include:
  • Research into:
    • Early and school aged life
    • Young political interest
    • Early stages of his political career
  • With notes taken on the above, a student would then write a verbal report to be presented to the class.
  • This report would then be used to extract the key talking points and represent them using an accompanying visual presentation.
The above process is great for time management because each task leads onto the next.

Speaking of Time Management

Study time is great - if it is being used wisely. If, throughout the week, your child has planned study time of varying durations, be sure to arrange the tasks to use the best of the time available. For example, instead of completing a small task in a large study period and then half-starting the next task, look for a task which will fill up the time you have available.

Stay Motivated

Large projects are not easy and often take a lot of time. Be sure to keep the momentum going with rewards along the way. Something as small as taking them out to the zoo or a science museum each time they pass a project milestone can be a great (and educational) way to keep their momentum going.

Tutoring in Long Beach

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