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Help Your Child Achieve Reflective Scores During Their Tests

It is not surprising that test scores, both formal and informal, determine the future educational options which are made available to your child. However, many parents find that, while their children have the knowledge, they just aren't able to perform during a test. If this sounds like your child, The Tutoring Center of Long Beach has some ideas to share which can help your child achieve results which accurately reflect their knowledge.

Learn How to Respond

One of the biggest challenges faced by students during a test is providing the examiner with a response in the correct format or order. When students become flustered, they know the answer, however, they just aren't able to articulate it. Obtain copies of previous similar tests along with example answers which scored well. Ask your child to complete a selection of answers and compare them against the high scoring examples.

Practice Being Challenged

Many students are 100% confident that they know the correct answer until it appears next to a similar solution. This is a common challenge on tests which include multiple choice portions, where students begin to second-guess themselves and become nervous. Similar to responding in the correct format mentioned above, practice tests are the key to overcoming these nerves. Either create your own or use pre-issued multiple choice exams and match the correct answers with their first and then final answers. When you show your child that their first answer was correct and it was simply nerves which made them choose another, it can help to build their self-confidence and remove the element of 'second guessing'.

Review Critical Notes

Many students can become complacent and only review the notes which they are certain they already know. With your child, look through their notebook for scribbles and notes which have been written, crossed out and then written again. These are signs that the lesson presented a challenge and that these are critical notes which they should review with more time and care. If your child is benefiting from tutoring In Long Beach, speak with their tutor about which notes to focus on.

Formal Test Preparation With Tutoring in Long Beach

Helping your child with their study is a great experience for both parent and students. It provides a time and a space to share quality time together while furthering their education. To take these tips even further, speak with The Tutoring Center of Long Beach at 562-653-4380 about how tutoring in Long Beach can help your child achieve higher test results.


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