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Not only are your child’s grades important, but the comments their teachers make can also be useful to help you prepare your child for the next school year, during the summer break. The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA has a post on the topic, below.

Is There a Theme?

Start by looking for a theme in the comments. As an example, if your child struggled with public speaking then more than one teacher likely commented on it. Of course, if there are any specific notes for improvement, be sure to extract these. Keeping with this example, you could include these activities:
  • Copy down parts of a textbook, magazine article, or even a page from a book, and attach it to snacks in your kitchen, requiring your child to read the page aloud in front of somebody before enjoying their treat.
  • Provide them non-educational books to read over the break which can expand their vocabulary and help them learn letter-sound combinations quicker.
  • If you get a lot of promotional flyers, ask your child to read them and benefit from learning different writing styles and grammar choices.
If your child’s challenge is in a different subject, adapt these tips or come up with your own creative ways to introduce small instances of learning into your child’s day.

Tutoring in Long Beach over the Summer Break Can Help

If your child struggled with the previous school year or wants some help to prepare for the upcoming one, one-to-one Tutoring In Long Beach can help. To find out more, speak with a learning professional during your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Long Beach CA. Call 562-653-4380 today to make your appointment.  


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